Guide for authors


Please submit two versions of your abstract (one with the author(s) name(s)/affiliation(s) and one anonymous).

The abstract file with the author(s) name(s)/affiliation(s) information should have the following format: Title – Conference Thematic Area – Author(s) Name(s)/Surname(s) – Affiliation(s) –email – Abstract text – Keywords.

The anonymous abstract file should include all the above information EXCEPTAuthor(s) Name(s)/Surname(s) – Affiliation(s).

More specifically, submit your abstract in Word2000+, TIMES NEW ROMAN, as follows:

Title: 16pt, Bold
Postal and Email address and Author Affiliation: 12pt
The word «Abstract»:centered (12pt)
The text of the abstract:200-400 words (11pt)
Keywords: up to 5 (11pt)
Line spacing: 1,5
Alignment: fully justified
Margins: Top/bottom 2,54 cm, lef/right: 3,17 cm


  • Presentationswillbe 15 minutes.
  • Thematic Symposia are organised by a Convenor and include 4-5 presentations and a Discussant. The Convenor, who may also be a speaker, is responsible for submitting the Title and the Abstract of the Symposium, the Discussant’s Name, the speakers’ Names and the presentations’ Texts following the afore-mentioned timeline.

Delegates are invited to submit their papers for publication in the Conference Proceedings, the deadline for which is July, 1 2022. Formatting and publication guidelines will be announced once the abstract approval process has been completed. Full papers submitted for publication in the Conference Proceedings will be reviewed by the Conference Scientific Committee, prior to acceptance for publication. Please note that if your abstract is accepted for presentation at the Conference, it does not mean that your full paper is also accepted for publication in the Conference Proceedings. The Conference Programme will be emailed to the delegates and will be announced on the Conference website: